Hawaii Kai (Napali Haweo) – Luxury Neighborhood Property Buyer


Hawaii Kai (Napali Haweo) - Luxury Neighborhood Property Buyer

Dear Prospective Buyer or Seller,

This is the first time I have ever felt the desire to provide a reference for a Real Estate Agent. After interviewing several Real Estate Agents, I actively sought out Damon to assist me on the purchase of property. Why I selected Damon Rhys to help me might help you select your next Real Estate agent. I looked for 4 characteristics when selecting my agent:

  • Honesty: Damon presented himself in a way that made believe he was honest. In retrospect, I can tell you that he is as honest of a Real Estate Agent that you will find;
  • Negotiation Skills: During our exchange of the offers, counter offers and final offer, Damon provided good suggestions and strategies to ensure that I receive the value for my offers;
  • Communication skills: During negotiations from pre-offer through closing and even after closing, Damon provided excellent communications to me, the other agent and the owner. This is important because many times transactions collapse because of misunderstandings. Damon was always focused on reducing any miscommunication.
  • Analytical Assessment: What is the right price? What terms should be included? All of these take good analytical skills and good data. Instead of providing the standard Real Estate list of sold, on the market, etc. etc., and other charts; Damon and I talked about how I made my decisions. Then he provided me with the comparable data in the form I could use.

All of these are the reasons I would use Damon Rhys and Sachi Hawaii again. However, there is something about Damon outside of real estate that shows me that I made the right choice. I told Damon that was going to clean the grave-site and place flowers for a veteran in honor of the closure of the property. He asked to come along and pay respect as well. We spent over 3 hours together driving, locating and cleaning the grave. Then we placed flowers and had a small service in honor of the veteran. Ask him to show you the pictures. This touched me as a human. So, it is with great honor that I recommend Damon Rhys as your next Real Estate Agent. (Click here for signed original)

David C. Carr

CEO , Full Cycle Strategy LLC

— David Carr,